Looking for a job on the side cleaning condos, apartments, houses, RVs, and offices in Baldwin County, AL: Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Perdido Key, FL?

We are currently seeking housekeepers/cleaners, both experienced and not. We offer on-the-job training for all new contractors (if needed) and can provide cleaning supplies upon hire; additional cleaning supplies are available at cost. Broom, mop, and vacuum are provided in each unit, however, feel free to use your equipment and/or cleaning agents. Please have a reliable vehicle, preferably with a sizeable trunk area and/or back seat.

Available cleans vary, so flexibility is preferred.

Must be 16 (with a valid work permit) or older to apply.

What's the difference between a Cleaner and a Housekeeper?
Housekeepers usually travel to different houses and perform light cleaning tasks several times a week. They primarily work in someone’s house or a hotel setting completing several projects like washing and drying dishes, changing bed linens, and picking up clutter.

A Cleaner can work not just in houses or hotels, but also in many workplace environments performing both light and deep cleaning services. If a Cleaner works in someone’s home, they usually come over less than a Housekeeper and provide more deep cleaning services like wiping and sanitizing entire kitchens, scrubbing down bathrooms, and shampooing and vacuuming upholstery and carpets.

  • We use a checklist system to ensure consistency. You will be given a copy specific to the work order assigned.
  • Cleaners need to arrive at the office before check-out time to collect their room bags.
  • Check-out time is 10:00 AM unless otherwise notified. This is the start of our shift.
  • All assigned units must be completed by 3:00 PM and no later than 4:00 PM each day.
  • Deep cleans are given 3 to 5 days to complete and are subject to extra scrutiny. For this reason, only experienced housekeepers will be assigned to these jobs.
  • All units are inspected after they’re cleaned for quality assurance.
  • On rare occasions, when a unit has excessive missed areas, it may be subject to a ‘call-back’ to correct any issues identified by the inspector.
  • Cleaning products/chemicals and tools/equipment need to meet industry standards to ensure proper disinfecting and safety.
  • All dirty linens need to be bagged and returned to the office for laundering at the end of the day.
  • As always, please observe COVID-19 hygienic practices.

Knowledge of all basic house cleaning practices, disinfecting & sanitation, safe chemical handling, bed-making, linen handling, dishwashing, dusting, window/glass cleaning, furniture polishing, floor care, and deep cleaning capability, etc. are all necessities in the field, again, training is available to all.

Employment Type

Part-time, Contractor
Job Location
8195 SR-59 #N6, Foley, Alabama, 36535
Home/Office Cleaning
How soon to start?
Duration of employment
Generally seasonal
Working Hours
9:30 AM-4:00 PM (or until job is completed.)
Base Salary
$45-$75/standard clean-$150-$200/deep clean
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Position: Housekeeping/Cleaner/Janitor Wanted

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