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About Us.

We are High Tide Services: A professional housekeeping company based out in Baldwin County, Alabama, offering cleaning services to rental properties, office spaces, and private dwellings from Perdido Key to Gulf Shores to Foley and more. We are owned and operated by a small team of experienced housekeepers/cleaners with a passion for the industry. Founded with principles of quality, standards, and integrity - We pride ourselves in keeping your condo, townhouse, apartment, office, whatever the property may be, as beautiful as the beaches are (minus the sand).

Between work, friends, kids, pets, and maintaining a social life, it can be incredibly hard to find time to keep a clean home or, harder still, to maintain a vacation rental, especially when you don't live close by. Hiring a recurring housekeeping services company can be just the ticket to helping bring better balance to your already busy life. Namaste.

With us on your team you can check Clean House off your to-do list and we'll bring in ours! We get it- in the long list of things you have to do every day, it’s easy for house cleaning to fall to the bottom of the list. That's completely okay! While maintaining a clutter-free environment and cleaning messes as they happen is often recommended, it can easily be forgotten, overlooked, or just pushed aside with all the craziness in everyday life.

That's where we come in! When you hire us, you can consider that a stress lifted off your shoulders. To ensure every clean is a thorough clean, we have implemented a Checklist System: a simple, yet effective set of comprehensive lists specialized for each service that we offer. Our housekeepers and inspectors use the same lists to ensure that every job meets our customer’s needs and maintains our level of quality.

Our Services.

Here are the services that we offer here at High Tide. Each service has it's own Checklist to ensure consistent quality and that nothing is overlooked.

House Cleaning

Who doesn't enjoy coming home to a clean smelling dwelling and fresh, crisp sheets? Get your busy week off on to a fresh start and come home with one less chore on your mind.

Apartment Clean

Small places need just as much attention as big houses. All those nooks and crannies in your flat can be real crud traps. We make sure to get behind, in, and all around those hard-to-gets.

RV Cleaning

Whether you just got back from a long trip in that RV or you're getting ready to hit the road, we will have that camper sparkling like new and ready for an exciting adventure!

Office Clean

After a hard work week, that office is in need of a hard clean. Just because we're opening back up, doesn't mean that we should relax our cleaning habits. Let us get in there and kill those germy areas for you and your crew.

Move in/out Clean

Got a new place? Moving out of an old one? Hiring us will help you get that deposit back or we'll get your new place ready to show off at that housewarming party.

Deep Clean

It's that time of year again: Where everything is moved, washed, scrubbed, dusted, and sanitized. This is not a task that is easy to fit in a busy schedule, so call us and we'll bring in our deep clean crew to give your place a total redo!


So, what makes us different?

Most cleaning services you find will provide the same basic services with a few differences here and there, but the biggest difference that we noticed? Extras! A vast majority of cleaning companies out there will charge their customers extra (sometimes inflated) fees for tasks that we find, well, standard. Below, we took our Standard Clean Checklist and compared it side by side to some of the competitors around.

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Our Handy App

We use a handy, easy-to-use mobile app to make scheduling, invoicing, and work tracking simple. And you, the property owner, can use the app to schedule a clean, leave notes, track progress, and so much more

Clean interface for ease of use and accessibility.

Add notes and keep up with your cleaner or inspector.

Schedule a clean for your property and how often you want it cleaned.

Receive invoices easily for quicker payments.

Add photos of your dwelling so the cleaners know how to set things up.

Easily customize your property's layout and its needs.

Our Showcase.

Here are some examples of our regular cleans from all over Gulf Shores. Just think, we could have your house, apartment, condo, or office looking magazine-ready for you or your guests. Book a quote today!

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